Operating worldwide
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Operating worldwide
Golden partner
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Bitrix24 CRM
Implementation of
in your business
Help with the tariff choice
Implementation of cloud/on-premise Bitrix24 system
Analytics of business processes
Building sales in CRM and sales analytics
Bitrix24 integration with 1C and other services
Development of non-standard modules
Employee trainings
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Our projects
  • Development of a comprehensive service booking program for corporate clients
  • Integration with 1-C and R-Keeper services
  • Import of client databases from external storages
Hotel group
  • On-premise version of '1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal 50' was implemented
  • 150 employees - hotel managers and members of the marketing department - were trained
  • The system of storing documents in a single location was set up
reduced the time to analyze feedback from clients
2.6 times
requests for complex services were processed using the new system
2 MM
clients imported into the system from external databases
  • Formation a unified system of interaction with all the clients
  • Implementation of repeated- and cross-sales mechanisms
  • Automation of business processes to reduce the time spent on routine operations
  • Large-scale integration of two-way data exchange between 1C and Bitrix24
  • Business processes were set up inside the CRM to notify customers by SMS, Email and WhatsApp about promotions and discounts
  • Electronic document flow within the company was set up
of the company's processes were moved to Bitrix24
by 10 min
reduced the average appointment time for each client
routine operations were identified and fully automated
  • Perform basic set-up of the Bitrix24 portal (user roles, access rights, automated reporting system)
  • Develop and automate CRM business processes related to leads and transactions
  • In addition to the basic set-up of the portal, an incentive system was integrated and payment document templates were created
  • Stages of work with requests for technical support service were set up

of request are processed inside Bitrix24
by 3 times
the average speed of processing requests by managers has increased
Improving the quality of customer service by using classic ITIL tools to increase the speed of processing customer requests and reduce the response time to requests from related banking structures.
  • Requests have been distributed by priority lines for immediate processing of requests
  • Incident statistics reporting implemented to plan the removal of key problems
  • Feedback collection and monitoring of service quality level have been automate
fault tolerance factor (Tier3 class)
requests processed in the
first 2 weeks
more than 4000
less than 1.5 hours
system downtime per year
  • Creation of a single information space within the company
  • Detailed set-up of the CRM module (primary audit and automation)
  • Connection of advertising offices for end-to-end analytics by traffic sources
  • Invoices are automatically generated in Bitrix24 and transferred to 1C
  • Funnel for work with suppliers has been configured
  • Detailed configuration of end-to-end analytics reports on advertising
conversion increase for cold calls
by 3 days
decreased the average time to conduct a successful deal
traffic sources are detailed in the reports
  • Organization of a convenient system for tracking equipment: free, in rental, on reservation
  • Automation of customer processing to increase conversion
  • Organization of workflow within Bitrix24
Machinery rental
  • Records of machinery by current status of each unit
  • Optimized communication with customers: integrated communication channels and robotized notifications
  • Convenient presentation of information in the form of a system of links and tagging
deals bring new clients
1 out of 3
average yield growth per project
less than 2 min
document preparation time for every deal
  • The process of getting a discount in the form of a quest to complete tasks
  • Implementation of the system of achievements to motivate employees
  • Online cost calculator on the web-site
Business gamification
  • Employees' efficiency growth is tracked by a system of indicators
  • Gamification increases customer loyalty and attention retention many times over: both during product selection and the sales phase
employee engagement in a system of personal rewards and bonuses
7 out of 10
customers perform tasks to get a discount
by 4 times
more time the user spends on the web-site with interactivity
  • Digitalization and reduction of time for the client's order form
  • Systematization of work of freelance translators to control completed tasks
  • Automation of the process of translation cost calculation
Translation agency
  • Main client channels have been integrated, united and systematized
  • The time spent by employees on processing orders reduced
  • The process of controlling the amount of work performed by freelancers has been systematized
reduced the time to fill out the order form - from 15 minutes to 5 minutes
by 3 times
orders completed by freelancers in Bitrix24
by 3 hours
reduced the average time to complete one translation
Conducting an audit and demonstration of system capabilities with a CRM-expert
Technical support after the end of the project
Preparation of the Technical task
Implementation of Bitrix24 according to the Technical task
Employee trainings
Transferring the system for use
Stages of our work
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